Our guides

Oslo City And Naturewalks is a small, but exclusive guiding company, known for its high-quality walks, with excellent guides!

Our guides are all very clever enthusiasts, who love their job as guides in Oslo. Their job is to make your walk unforgettable! 

Kristin Amundsen

Kristin established Oslo City And Nature walks in 2000, and thereby started the first guiding-company that exclusively specializes in walks in Oslo. She is an enthusiastic guide, who believes that our walks not only shall be historically interesting, but also entertaining - and that a mix of great storytelling and great knowledge, will make our walks a memorable experience for our walking customers. Oslo is full of exciting stories that go all the way back to the viking-age, and Kristin enjoy passing them on with smile, laughter and gravity. She has specialized in the ghosts of Oslo, and was the first person to do ghostwalks in Norway. She is an eager member of the Medieval society of Oslo, and apart from being an authorized Oslo-guide, she has theatrical background, and is also a writer. She is educated within tourism, and also work for national TV. Kristin guides in both Norwegian and English language.

Marthe Amalie Andersen

Marthe has had an interest of the occult and of ghosts since she was a small girl. She is an educated artist, specializing in video-art and painting. Her passion lies in art, movies, literature and history – and she uses all of her skills to make the ghost walk a memorable and scary experience. Marthe is also a magician, and who knows what will happen while you walk the streets of Oslo together with her, looking for the old, lingering ghosts…

Ross Kolby

Ross is a well recognized author of both novels and film-scripts, and is an amazing storyteller. He shares his joy of storytelling with us on our scary ghost walk! With his radiating enthusiasm and his 17th century style of clothing he catches us and brings us with him back through the centuries of Oslos hidden world of ghosts!

Ross is also a wonderful and well educated artist and has painted many beautiful paintings. He has also experience from acting. Ross guides in English and Norwegian language.

Karianne Sissener Amundsen

Karianne is an actress, educated at Rose Bruford College in London, where she studied “Actor Musicianship” for three years. She uses her great storytelling skills when she leads you through the scary ghost stories of Oslo. Karianne loves to sing, and in her sparetime she sings in a music ensemble specializing in renaissance music. She also works as an actor and guide at the famous Eidsvoll-building, where the Norwegian constitution was made and signed.

Rein Dammann

Rein Dammann is a real «wildborn» representative of the Norwegian Wilderness, grown up in the Norwegian forest. He has also for several years lived with  Inuits (escimos) in Alaska, and with INDIANS in North America. For ten years he was in charge of a so called "Wilderness Camp" in Norway. There he focused on the fact that through experiencing nature man will receive new important qualities of life. Rein is also an experienced and skilled "wildbird expert".

With his severe, firm and kind manners he will lead his groups into the exciting world of the forest to be acquainted with the thrilling life of Songbirds.

Torgrim Mellum Stene

Torgrim Mellum Stene is a professional storyteller who works as conferanceleader and stageactor in Norway as well as abroad. His Narrator activity has brought him into the strangest situations from reciting the Norwegian poet Nordahl Grieg on stage in Tadsjikistan to writing a libretto for a «Fairytale Dinner» i the municipality of Suldal. He has several years of experience in editing historical material, both as creator of "storytelling performances" and as guide at the Norwegian Folks Museum at Bygdøy, Oslo.

In our walk "Beer, valium and coffee!" he escorts his audience through a thousand years of of drunkenness in the city - from pre-christian rites to alcohol on prescription.

Rolf Mørk

Rolf er profesjonell skuespiller og musiker med bachelor fra Rose Bruford College i London. Etter utdannelsen har han jobbet innen barneteater og musikaler, samt som sanger og konferansier. Han tar nå videreutdanning ved HiOA for å bli teaterlærer. Rolf er veldig glad i å fortelle historier og er fascinert av ordenes kraft og musikaliteten i språket. Bli med ham på en spøkelsesvandring og opplev selv. Han går vandringer på engelsk og norsk.