Bird Song Walk

Stay open, listen and join us into the fascinating world of bird song!

What can the sounds from birds tell us?

Are we able to really listen and understand if a bord is happy, frightened, angry, happy or sad?

Can the singing and the sounda tell us anything about the characteristics of a particular species - even if we don't recognize the sound or song?

Can their "sounds of warning" show us or make us aware of birds or beasts of prey?

Are you able to recognize yourself in a songbird?
Our hope is that you through our Bird Song Walk will be able to learn how to recognize some of the birds you eill be acquainted with during this walk.
We also hope that our Bird Song Walk will be an eye and ear-opener, and maybe an inspiration for further "self studies".
By the way, are you aware of how differently the birds react when a dangerous situation appears? And the various strategies the use in order to find food?
Bird Song Walks will be arranged - on demand only - during spring and summertime at Bygdøy or Sognsvann!

Meeting point: The parking lot at Huk, Bygdø, by the bus stop.
We wish you heartly welcome!